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Quintessential summer jam

Jammin´......This has to be the quickest and healthiest jam on the planet.Even if you have never made jam or think its beyond your culinary comfort zone, this is a real cheats version and anyone can do it . Trust me. There is no need for thermometers or worrying about whether it has reached setting point. Chia seeds are used in place of sugar and or pectin as the setting agent and to thicken the consistency.You can adjust the sweetness according to your palate. Feel free to add as little or as much as you like.You can use maple syrup, honey or agave. You can use fresh or frozen berries.the recipe works well with cranberries too but since they are more tart, you will need more sweetener.I used my favourite mix of summer berries, mostly raspberries, but you can use any kind you have to hand or have a glut that needs using. It’s perfect on top of yogurt, , overnight oats, porridge, waffles, pancakes, toast,sandwiches,  and can be enjoyed in so many other ways. 3 small containers of berrie

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