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Some like it hot Ojingeo Bokkeum (Korean Spicy Stir-fried Squid).

Purists may throw their hands up in horror, but one indicator that a cuisine is beginning to get accepted internationally is that its flavours and ingredients become incorporated into the cuisines of chefs in other countries, and new fusion dishes begin to appear. The new dishes may bear absolutely no relation to the original national cuisine (can you get a Chicken Tikka Massala in Delhi, or a Vindaloo as you think you know it in Goa?) but maybe, someone trying the fusion dish might be tempted to try the unadulterated national ingredients which gave birth to these unfamiliar flavours. This “Korean squid” recipe is authentic, not fusion, and features Gochujang sauce mixed with soy sauce, rice wine and either honey or sugar, and maybe a bit of sesame oil. The paste is as old as the hills in Korea, where it forms the backbone of many national dishes such as spicy barbecued pork, but cooks in the west have been extolling its virtues for decades too. Now, it’s taking over the w

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