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When it comes to the crush

I know it’s not broad bean season, but frozen broad beans are right up there with frozen peas as an excellent frozen veg and so I use them all year round. This is a recipe very loosely inspired from Summer Kitchens by Olia Hercules and the perfect side dish.The original dish she intended was a sort of broad bean and potato hash.My adaptation using all the original ingredients makes it a main course in its own right and is served in the form of potato and broad bean patties topped with crispy bacon bits and poached egg.This is the first time I have used a step by step approach in pictures.If you are making the recipe I hope you find it useful. STEP 1 New potatoes are boiled then returned to the pan to dry Step 2 Broad beans are podded and cooked in plenty of salted boiling water STEP 3 The dried potatoes and broad beans are brought together in a mixing bowl STEP 4 Lightly cooked spring onions are added and then the mixture i crushed until smoothish, but still retaining a bit of texture.

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