Amazing grains

An idea inspired by Rachel Kelly alias Marmaduke Scarlet
My challenge is to emulate a supermarket ready meal at home. I have always had a desire to do this. In those dark unhealthy days when I used to work in an office in the big smoke and inevitably lunch at one´s desk came from M and S or Cullens. Who remembers good old Cullens?-Swallowed up by greedy Tesco's £54m purchase of Europa Foods, Harts and the former Cullens convenience store chain, all much needed quality corner shop institutions,that left the British high street awash with Tesco Metros and Sainsbury Locals.Anyway, so.
The core ingredient here is mograbiah or moghrabbiyeh. This is also known as Lebanese, pearl or Israeli couscous.Rachel´s word to describe it, was fat couscous; and it shall always be fat couscous to me.Step aside big fat gypsies and enter big fat cous cous
Here is my Lusitanian interpretation of the Sainsbury´s Taste the Difference giant Cous Cous and Feta salad pot that Rachel purchased and enjoyed.I used a bit of artistic licence I have to admit.

Mediterranean cous cous
The cooking method for Mograbiah is slightly different to normal cous cous and is boiled for 15 minutes as opposed to being steeped in hot water or stock. Please refer to Rachel´s post
for more specific cooking instructions and to see her own take on this.
Serves 4 
200g Mograbiah, Lebanese pearl or Israeli cous cous 
200g Cherry tomatoes
2 Medium avocados cut into small chunks
200g Feta cheese crumbled
Abundant torn basil leaves

5 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste
Stir the dressing into the cous cous, mix in the tomatoes, feta and avocados.
Serve with rocket

For meat lovers substitute the feta for shredded cooked chicken breast and toss in the dressing.Kepping the avocado and cherry tomatoes is up to you. The chicken herbs and mograbiah is delicious on its own- just up the quantities of basil and rocket.


  1. This looks fabulous! Actually I have a whole load of marinated feta at the moment that could use a trip around some fat couscous! BTW thanks for giving me a mention - I couldn't work out why my blog stats had shot through the roof! :)


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