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Every one a winner- Red Dot Design Award 2008

Packaging is more than just protection for the product within; it is also the bridge between the goods and its viewers. Product branding is mainly based upon beautiful packaging designed to attract the customer's attention. A successful and striking design plays an important role in influencing its potential buyer.Food packaging may seem simple at first: show what’s inside the packet, add a bit of marketing speak, job done.How many times has the label on a bottle of wine or the design of a packet of pasta influenced your purchasing choice? But aside from the usual design considerations of target audiences and the like, there are many more things to consider.The most obvious is that the retail environment is one of the most densely populated for any product to stand out in, so each product has to outshine its neighbour to ensure you purchase that particular brand.From my first holiday in Portugal over twenty years ago, to the decision to make The Algarve my permanent home, I have always been aware of how good The Portuguese standard of design was.I think I can safely say that the design of modern Portuguese furniture is among the best in the world.Modern Portuguese architecture is distinctive.When I am in the papelaria, as a former graphic designer, the quality of newspaper and magazine design does not go unnoticed.One Portuguese company in particular has made it their mission to ensure their entire product range is design led. Boa Boca work in partnership with small artesan producers and transform their hand made products into high quality design objects.This is all about the old school traditional flavours of Portuguese food and wine coming together with some of the best of modern day packaging.With five International and one National design award under their belt,Boa Boca  stand out from others by their style and bold design.Would you break with taboo and buy a wine box?-I very much doubt it. You might well change your mind if the box in question was an original modern shape and filled with high quality Alentejo wine.By doing just this its creators have tried to destroy some of the barriers associated with this kind of product.
Design Award: 1st place - packaging wines prize. Portuguese Wine Magazine
Merit design award -  One Show Design - New York
Other Portuguese brands with a distinctive design style worthy of awards

This packaging influenced my selection when purchasing rice
 Gallo -Redesigned to restore the brand's position as the undisputed leader in Portuguese olive oil.

 A stylish Christmas cover for Blue Cooking

Expresso -Bold colours, clean grid-based layout and concise typography.
Never forget the unexpected power of 4 pack sardines

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