Seville orange,carrot and ginger smoothie

Hello bright new day (my anti - inflammatory smoothie)

On Saturday morning I woke up with inflamed and stiff joints in both of my feet.I struggled to even make it down the stairs. Ezekiel I cried "Dem dry bones!"
"The toe bone connected to the heel bone,
The heel bone connected to the foot bone,
The foot bone connected to the leg bone".....
...Where´s this going I ask myself? As some of you may well know I was diagnosed with gout three years ago and this cold damp weather is extremely unfriendly to gouty prone bones.I’m not sure if it was related to all the seasonal excess but if so I feel I have done remarkably well to keep on my feet up to now.Immediate action had to be taken.I recalled something I had read recently about Seville oranges in the Guardian.Now that Seville oranges are plentiful and in season, I thought I’d try a winter version of my cool summer hit. I rapidly whipped up a smoothie and with a little medication I was back on my feet fairly quickly.I have now christened it the “anti-inflammatory” smoothie and it will be a morning staple until the weather gets warmer.For once I can write a post about something that is concurrent in both England and Iberia.Tis the marmalade season on both sides of the water.The bitter Seville oranges have been traded between Britain and Spain for centuries.It is Spain´s way of saying we bring you sunshine.Carrots are plentiful and cheap, both here and there, and fresh ginger root is also inexpensive and trust me, a little bit goes a long way.Try stepping outside the frame for a moment and treat your tastebuds to something different, refreshing, and healthful.

Seville orange, carrot and ginger smoothie
2 large carrots
A thumb-size piece of ginger
500ml freshly squeezed Seville orange juice ( about 6 oranges depending on size)

Peel and finely chop the ginger and blitz in a blender or juicer. Peel the carrots and shave them thinly with a mandolin or vegetable peeler.Add the shaved carrot to the blender with a little bit of the juiced oranges and blitz.Add the rest of the juice and blitz again.Enjoy immediately! Bottoms up!
However if you have the will power to resist, refrigerate in a bottle overnight.When you awake the following day it is  Hola ginger-carrot-orange goodness... a dayglo bottle greets you when you open the fridge door, lighting up your day and making you feel beautiful from the inside out.This juice is simple, delicious, and oddly filling because of the fibre of the carrot which gives the drink some body.  Plus, who doesn't love that vibrant orange color?  The ginger adds a bit of zingy spice which I found refreshing in contrast to the sweetness of the carrots and the bitterness of the Seville orange.

Just be happy you aren’t drinking the "totally tropical taste" that is Lilt, Capri-Sun, Sunny Delight or Um Bongo.


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