Monday, 18 February 2013

"Cooking with colour" on Pinterest

    Goethe's symmetric colour wheel  
Evocative for me of the colours in many sweet and savoury dishes

"Today's paint colors sound good enough to eat / From Salsa Red to Creme Brulee, these exteriors evoke a powerful sense of taste"

The pantone cocktail menu at Trick Dog,San Francisco

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  1. This is bloody brilliant! I have loads of thoughts on this but will have to email you them all! (For some reason I can't access Pinterest at the moment, so working on that too).

    You need to start tweeting this with a hashtag #cookingwithcolour . . . I think we could start a movement!

    And after my successful emerald green parsley pesto, today I photographed some pomegranates and their insides on a pomegranate-colured plate - Fuchsia Rose 17-2031 - their colour of the year in 2001! Not the same colour as their pomegranate shade!