Purple reigns

A bit of sunshine on a rainy day
If you are trying to add a little fillip to your life try this as a boost to your health.
The food gurus have told us that purple reigns our diets for 2017.So if purple is the new green
and tangerine tango is passé,this is just what the doctor ordered. A beetroot apple and celery smoothie is the new Green Genie.
Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with high anxiety ( hypertension ) which was causing high blood pressure and was put on Zolnor. A recent consultation with my doctor informed me that I would be on this medication for  life. I dislike taking drugs and try to avoid them as much as I can, so I decided to try natural ways and diet therapy  to lower my blood pressure. Apart from cutting salty foods  out of my diet (chance would be a fine thing ).Potatoes without salt? ( have a laugh). I have been drinking fresh beetroot, apple and celery juice almost every day and my blood pressure has dropped.Beetroot, celery and apple  juice is now a regular part of my routine.Don´t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that you throw away your pills … oh no!! But just try this therapy and then over time you may find the need to take pills for hypertension may become less or like in my case, be under good control the natural way and compliment the medication. Since this juice combo is all natural, no harm really in drinking it  for general health.  The real hypertension lowering ingredients are beets and celery, but the apple adds sweetness to it and makes it refreshing and tasty. Even if you don’t have hypertension this juice is loaded with antioxidants and raw enzymes that will rejuvenate and recharge your system. It ‘s a blood purifying juice that cleanses the system.

1 beetroot
2 Stalks celery (preferably organic)
1 apple,Fuji,Jonagold Pink lady,Starking

Quality apple Juice

Core the apple and chop into small chunks, dice the celery,grate the beetroot.
In a tall cylindrical container place all the ingredients and add a proportion of 1/2 apple juice to the solid ingredients.With a stick or hand blender blitz until you have a smooth consistency.If required,thin accordingly with more apple juice and blitz again.
Enjoy the benefits. 


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