Goodness gracious great balls of truffes

Sugary, soft and can sweet tooths everywhere say no to a square of homemade chocolate fudge this Christmas,but only if its made correctly.Never trust a busty British babe with a recipe for fudge.You know what I mean. I looked for an easy fudge recipe to follow and this wasn´t it.Fudge has to be sugary soft and irresistible.Oh dear Miss Lawson this recipe was not one of of your domestic triumphs. I would go as far as to say "a complete disaster, darling,” This was bitter, soft and moussey, not at all what fudge should be.The next day I tipped the whole tray back into a bain -marie and melted it again.In another pan I boiled down sugar and water and then added creme fraiche ( proper fudge should have a bit of dairy in it ) until I had a sticky toffee mixture to which I added the re-melted chocolate and condensed milk mixture.I beat it together for a few minutes before pouring back into the tray to set in the fridge.Two days later it was still soft and gooey.Oh well at least my last minute Christmas present dilemma was now sorted.I formed the supposed fudge mixture into balls and rolled them in cocoa powder and “et voilà !” j'avais des truffes!!!! oooooh la la meringue!!!!


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