Bolinhos de peixe robalo tailandeses no forno

As every canny cook knows, perfectly good fishcakes can be made from leftover mash.They are in my estimation the best leftover,farls aside,that mash can aspire to.In theory, your choice of fish with such a dish is entirely dependent on your leftovers – fishcakes are, as we will see, a very flexible thing.Although most Thai restaurants would serve fish cakes as an appetizer, they are actually a great ingredient to serve as a main dish. Thai fish cakes are traditionally deep-fried, but if you keep the mix quite firm they can be baked, with excellent results. And if you keep bigger chunks of fish in the mix for extra texture, it also means you don't have to drag out the food processor (or clean it later). One of the beauties of the fishcake is how easy it is to play around with: once you've tailored the basics to your satisfaction, the choice of icing on this particular cake is very much up to you. I find that buttery mash makes the finished fishcakes too soft – even after chilling.Baking rather than deep-frying makes fish cakes an easy option.With regards to your choice of fish, leftover fish will bring something a little extra to the mix,it will bring the additional flavours of what it was previously cooked in or seasoned with,in this case fragrant Thai flavours of lemongrass,lime,garlic,fish sauce,chilli,ginger and soya
Bolinhos de peixe robalo tailandeses no forno
makes 6 main course fish cakes or 12 small snack sized fish cakes
You can of course pan-fry these fish cakes like hamburgers, if you prefer.

If frying, use a little more oil than you might think you need, as the fish cakes themselves are very lean.
250g left over firm white-fleshed fish (bass, snapper or ling) picked through for bones
2 tbsp home made Red Curry Paste or commercial paste
2 large spring onions or 4 banana shallots,grated
1 red large red chilli seeded and chopped finely
chopped lime leaves,central vein removed and chopped finely
generous handful of chopped fresh coriander leaves and stalks
egg and breadcrumbs for coating
Spray a baking tray with spray oil.
In a mixing bowl combine first 7 ingredients. Mix well.
Divide into 8 equal round cakes.
Coat with flour, then dip in egg and finally coat with the crumbs.
Place cakes on prepared tray; chill for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile preheat oven to 190c.
Spray cakes with oil and bake, turning once (spray again). They will take about 30 minutes in total to cook.


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