A nova Meia Desfeita com bolo de grão bica

Perfect for introducing a friend to great Portuguese food.
This is my modern take on a rich luncheon dish,originally made famous in the province of Estramadura.Historically in Lisbon there used to be a variety of small restaurants specializing in this dish,all putting their own particular stamp on it.Alas, they do not seem to have survived,but you can still find the dish at many establishments one in particular taberna da rua das flores, and failing that it is easy enough to prepare at home.I have always wanted to try this but was put off by the way it was presented on the plate at any of the restaurants where it was on the menu.It looked so unappetising to me,so I thought how can we give this classic Portuguese dish a makeover.
The traditional main constituents of the dish that keep strictly to early 20th-century principles are bacalhau,chickpeas ,hard boiled eggs ,olives.It is usually dressed with olive oil,parsley and vinegar.Other seasonings are sometimes included,colorau or smoked paprika being one of the commonest along with onions and garlic.
For this version here I have made some changes(mostly in the presentation of the dish) like making a base for the salad to rest on in the form of a chickpea cake.

A nova Meia-desfeita
For 2 people 

300g migas de bacalhau,washed and drained, or cod cheeks
1 jar of chickpeas washed and drained
6 boiled quails eggs, 6 ovos de codorniz

12 black olives,stoned
2 breakfast radishes,chopped
2 garlic cloves
1/2 onion
lemon juice to taste 

olive oil
white wine vinegar
Flor de sal
piri piri flakes or togarashi seasoning
Small bunch Flat leaf parsley,leaves only,chopped

Sweet paprika, colorau doce

Boil the quails eggs for 2-3 minutes the rinse under cold water.When cool,with the help of a sharp pointed knife remove the shells and set the eggs aside.
Chop the onion and garlic and parsley and radishes,combine with the lemon juice olive oil and vinegar to make a chunky dressing.add the olives and set aside.

Season the chickpeas with lemon juice and garlic,crushed Flor de sal and pepper
Place the cod in a pan with cold water until covered and bring to the boil, drain and set aside to cool.

To assemble: With the help of a circular mould shape the chickpeas into cylinders.
Top with the cod,halved quails eggs and the chunky dressing.Sprinkle a fine carpet of paprika over the top.Serve.


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