Sweet pizza,“Ines Rosales Torta” with a bit of embellishment

Is it possible to “fall in love” with an inanimate object? In this case a “food object? Well, it happened to me the first time I bit into an “Ines Rosales Torta” a few years ago. Eight years ago, September 2012 to be precise. To this day these uniquely crisp sweet olive oil tortas from Seville are at the top of my indulgent food list. From the stylish understated packaging to the savoury-sweet crispness, these tortas appeal to every one of my senses. They are full of rustic charm and a rare combinations of flavours.  Originally they made and sold just the Sweet Olive Oil Tortas, but now have flavours such as Seville Orange ( my favourite ), Rosemary and Thyme, Cinnamon, Sesame and Sea Salt. Perfect as they are, they are very well suited to a bit of embellishment.
It makes you think. What do you do when you when that sweet craving posesses you and you need a slice of something that quick that there is no time to bake a cake. Maybe surprise guests have landed on you and you dont have the resources for a pudding, well here´s your go to.
A drizzle of really rich melted dark chocolate and a sprinkle of pistachios takes these tortas to a whole new level of goodness for a special celebration. Pull out your seasonal stash of chocolate and nuts and bring some simple yet already delicious tortas to life. Takes these tortas to a whole new level of goodness and transform them into what I call chocolate nut pizzas.


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