Bao buns to beetroot cheesecake.Over and out

Steak Tartare and poppadoms

Saturday evening 8th May:
The taxi door opens, we are off, over the bridge to Andalusia. The border is now open and just 8 minutes away in another country, Spain, dinner beckons.Yes we are travelling again. The frequency of the car radio was Radio Guadiana and the signal had absolute clarity."Pumpin up the volume, breakin down´ to the beat "Get this party started on a Saturday night, Everybody's waitin' on the other side". No distortion to the message "We´re coming out so you better get this party started" "sending out a message to all of our friends We´ll be looking flashy in this Mercedes Benz" "Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car " and then greeted by a crowd appearing to make as much noise as possible in a calle, accompanied by a discordant serenade. Spanish youth loitered with intent, revellers were hanging off the rafters of each and every watering hole."Shuffling off the mortal coil" of Covid .Pandemic over?
They were no Hamlets they were Felipes. No smart princes with a penchant for delivering long speeches about the meaning of life. They´d been pretty depressed since their dad died and their mum married their uncle. And you know what they were thinking?"Get this party started on a Saturday night"
"Makin' our connection as we enter the room "Everybody's chillin' as we work the room"" The world was revolving, a little bit of history repeating" Time for a glass of cava and a bottle or two of Vedejo.
Bao buns
Beetroot cheesecake with Oreo crumb
From Bao buns to beetroot cheesecake, it was churlish not to order a bit of everything. It had been nearly a year since our last visit to La-La land in blissful ignorance of some forgotten flavours which were much  needed to nudge our memory. One more glass and time for bed,thank you once again LPA, Cliodhna, Fabio, Fran, Ana and all the team, we´ll be back for the new menu next week. Over and out....


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