Fish of the day

I ventured to the market this morning to buy fish for our honeymoon guests from Sarajevo. I found myself standing next to Pedro the chef from our favourite restaurant Dom Petisco. After digesting, cogitating and deliberating, he pointed me in the direction of these smiling little chappies, Bicas.
They are of the sea bream family. I explained to him what I was cooking and he talked me through all the options. Every story has a moral, and this one is that I learned all about a new fish to add to my repertoire and in return Pedro got a lunch reservation in his restaurant from me, and.....
.....Antonio the fish man got a sale from both of us!!!!!


  1. They look like bream.BTW what are you cooking?

  2. We get so confused about the different types of fish available in Portugal. I would love to know more about your Portuguese favourites, and what their equivalents are in English. Just love your blog, by the way....

  3. There are so many types of bream here
    The recipe for the dish I cooked was on the post below in August. You can do it with many types of bream.

    Claire, lovely to hear from you, and thank you, I will certainly do some sort of post in the form of a guide to Portuguese fish and their english equivalents


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