Meagre by name but not by nature

A plate of simple char-griled corvina and salad
 Corvina (meagre) Argyrosomus regius.

Meagre by name maybe, but definitely not meager by nature; these fish can weigh in at up to 45kilos (100lbs).
Today we took a break for lunch at Restaurante Dom Petisco, on the Guadiana river estuary at Vila Real.I had the chance to sample yet again my favourite fish.Corvina has a mild, sweet taste with firm, large flaked flesh which is pinkish when raw but cooks up white.The flesh resembles Snapper. Corvina is regarded as a prime table fish and is very popular choice for ceviche. Served as a steak it is absolutely the most diner friendly fish. With a central bone that can be easily removed and some larger side bones very visible to the eye it always makes for an enjoyable meal. Served with a simple salad of crisp lettuce,wild rocket, grated carrot, slices of fresh tomato and finished with a choice of batatas fritas or the best cooked boiled potatoes this side of kingdom come, I opted for the latter.Chef Pedro cooks this to such perfection that I haven´t yet dared to try and repeat the experience, buying from the market and cooking it at home.

Restaurante Dom Petisco Ponta do Areia Vila Real de Santo Antonio


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