Whisked away

My batterie  of trusted  hand beaters

One can not live in Portugal without adopting baking as a serious kitchen activity. The massive legacy of cake and confectionery recipes that are available can not be avoided at any cost.So electric hand-whisks at the ready!!!  NO . Every time I have tried to follow an instruction like this...
"Using an electric hand whisk or stand in mixer, cream together the butter, caster sugar and lemon zest in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Beat in the eggs, 1 at a time, adding a little flour with each addition to keep the mixture smooth". 
...my kitchen instantly turns into something reminiscent of a war zone, dough up the walls, egg white all over  my face and a sugary yellow mastic all over the ceiling.Don´t get me wrong, I bake and beat a lot. I am no Nigella, so for me hand whisks and beaters - so much quicker and more efficient and obviously better than using just a fork! - Handle choice is everything in a whisk or masher - choose the one that feels right for you and take the strain out of whipping cream and whisking meringues. Why? Simply because it works, it works well and is lovely to hold (the whisk, not Nigella).But for me I always go for hands on and power off.
I will admit to being a tad sceptical when chef personalities launch their range of branded kitchenware. Once again take Nigella for example– she has an incessant urge to make life in the kitchen easier - implements all soft, round and sensual, not unlike the cook herself.  Nigella's extensive range of kitchenware enjoys a lot of support: "solved my wrist problems" "trendy" and "sleek".Well I can´t deny that with all those years of experience under her Armani belt and Pringle angora cardigan that she should know what she is doing. House of Ramsay has not been received so favourably, neither t´Oliver.I can´t wait for the House of Blumenthal endorsed appliance of science.


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