Plain saline

To those of you who otherwise might think salting melon…odd, here´s one for you.
The usual accompaniment to watermelon is napkins—and loads of them. But the idea of the sweet saltiness of flor de sal sprinkled on top really knocked my flip-flops off. This approach couldn’t be easier, yet has its own sort of elegance about it. And it’s really something to see the expression on other peoples’ faces when you set out a platter of this simple yet stunning summeriness. It still maintains the casualness normally associated with eating watermelon but at the same time giving it a little sprinkle of summer sophistication.. Well, as sophisticated as drippy, juicy watermelon can aspire to be.
Extremely versatile, salt can balance flavor, tone down acidity, and highlight sweetness, especially that of the porous ruby fruit of watermelons. I use coarse sea salt, which contains essential minerals and has a gentle flavor, unlike refined table salt, which is bitter and almost completely lacking in minerals.

1 chilled watermelon seeded or not
Slice a portion of melon,rind and all,into 4 slices or wedges
set the rest aside for seconds ( trust me)
Sprinkle each portion with a scant pinch of Flor de sal limao
Serve immediately
Return for seconds

When my boat comes in...


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