Terça medieval-Green pea potage

Tuesday's Knight is full of grace

"Perrey of pesoun. Take pesoun and seeth hem fast, and couere hem, til thei berst; thenne take hem up and cole hem thurgh a cloth. Take oynouns and mynce hem, and seeth hem in the same sewe, and oile therwith; cast therto sugur, salt, and safroun, and seeth hem wel therafter, and serue hem forth"

Rest in peas
Suitable for vegetarians as well as the rest of us. Goes well with bacon
(though serve that separately if you want the vegetarians to eat it)
                                                                                                                                              Heat a number of cups of chicken stock to boiling. (Canned or boullion should be salty enough, but salt to taste if using homemade stock.) Add an equal number of cups of fresh or frozen peas (canned won’t work well). Cook just long enough to heat the peas thoroughly, then scoop them out and press them through a food sieve. (Modern folk who are pressed for time might pour them into a blender with a little of the stock and puree them.) Leave a few whole peas in the stock as a garnish. Return the pureed peas to the chicken stock, season with summer savory to taste. Serve hot. The result should be a delicious, bright green soup.

For something a little more contemporary try Marmaduke Scarlet´s recipe for Summer pea soup, it is one of the best pea soups I have tried, and she sure likes peas.


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