Dias medievais 2014

There's always something going on in Castro Marim to keep you entertained!- you may be recumbent and relaxez-vous on a sun lounger in the Casa Rosada garden, nodding off on your CJ Sansom...but only a stones throw away there will be hunchbacks for real and you might find something close to Dark Fire within the confines of the castle.It is hard to escape the lepers,soothsayers and mountebanks purveying strange medicinal compounds,purges and herbal teas, trying to convince you of their curative powers.

 Yes, with just under ten days to go, its all going to be  kicking off in the streets and travessas of Castro Marim.Its Medieval myth and mystery -Dias Medievais."The skies are clear, happy times, happy nights and happy days are here again"!
There are silky pink and orange banners-the colours of a desert sunset-streamed from poles around the castle.It makes it feel medieval, but not in the granite-dark,ominous medieval Game of Thrones way-a more ethereal and misty like faerie scene more reminiscent of The Hobbit when Celeborn and Galadriel are courting.On the streets the women love their tight hold- me- up push-me-out corsets, mandarin collars and leather embellished frocks belted in tightly
with a girdle or two.It is a picture of medieval haute couture and femininity.Balmainesque tunics,and Oscar worthy beaded Lacroix gowns jostle you and fight for your attention against more modern hoodies and Henleys.The luxurious fur trims and chandelier earrings, crystal and pearl necklaces are enough to make any queen jealous.The catwalk is ready for hennins and wimples, creating a visual cacophony good enough for Gaultier or perfection for Philip Treacy.Looking down from above its like a sea of iced gems melding with Tiffany cream wafers and there is nothing gender specific about it all. Its time for the medieval queens to come out of their closets and sport their finery.

Where´s the food and what will they be eating you say? Over the coming week I will be presenting some posts of opulent and exotic feasting,taking you back to the days of Runcible peas and Blawmanger.Food worthy of sultans and the richness of the Ottoman Empire.Soups of the kings and puddings of the princesses......what moor could you ask for?


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