No espetinho

This is a tale of tapas, pintxos, banderillas, gildas, montaditos and more.
"A pincho," a thorn or spike (or if you are in basque mode, pintxo) is a small tapa, typically eaten in bars traditionally in northern Spain but their popularity has spread to the south where we find pinchos morunos, among other derivatives, on many Andalucian menus.Variations of pintxos are "Banderillas"and"Gildas."(Lollipops).
"Banderilla" refers to the colourfully decorated and barbed sticks used in bullfighting.
It also refers  to a type of Spanish tapa mounted on a toothpick.
"Gilda"- The name refers to the main character of the film Gilda as embodied by the actress Rita Hayworth in 1946.The shape acquired by the pintxo when upright supposedly reiterates the silhouette of Gilda.
The term Gilda started being used in 1952 in a bar called Martinez ,located in the old quarter of San Sebastian.
In Navarre there is yet another variant, which is called Pajarico.
This type of tapa is marinated in salt ( brine ) and usually combines a pickle with olive and some form of pepper,pequillo or capsicum, sometimes also a little onion, and canned fish, usually  anchovies, secured with a skewer.  
 Like all foods in brine, its flavour is strong and very acidic, which makes it ideal to accompany an aperitif.In fact all tapas on a stick are great to accompany an aperitif.Here I have selected 3(see above)

Pintxo caprese con frutas

1 cantaloupe melon
1 Galia melon or piel de sapo
2 tubs of bocconcini (baby mozzarellas)
150g Presunto  in slices
manjerico or basil leaves
olive oil 
bamboo skewers
large Black and green grapes (optional)

Montadito de salami porco preto e pepinillos
1 slice of rustic baguette
1 thick slice of 

2 small cornichons or peinillos 
Secure all three ingredients with a long bamboo skewer in the order above

Banderillas de Olivas con Anchoas en Vinagre
This easy pinchos recipe consists of a stuffed olive wrapped in a strip of Moorish pickled anchovy, stuck on a toothpick to keep everything together. These spicy pinchos with pickled anchovies and green olives will refreshen the mouth and are truly delicious snacks.In Spain there are many recipes for these "Anchoas en Escabeche" or "Boquerones en Vinagre" 


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