Pudding basins in Summer?

As deliciously retro as Fanny Craddock would have presented it!!!!!

Summer pudding is an English classic – and this savoury take makes a succulent, refreshing alternative to sugary berries. Serve this cold after putting it in the fridge overnight. Eat with a green salad and any other summery accompaniments you fancy – boiled eggs and olives are both good.Now regarded as a traditional,almost quintessential midsummer dessert,summer is not summer without making a summer pudding.The correct fruits that go to make a true British summer pudding are hard to find here in the Algarve.The strawberry season is over by the end of June and that just leaves us with raspberries and blueberries,the latter of which are not a traditional ingredient of this summer concoction.My mother sometimes cheated and bulked up with tinned fruits but I am not going down that road.
 So warm summer days and the nostalgic sweet and melting nostalgic taste of an old-fashioned  summer pudding.But hey-ho the taste of savoury bread puddings too are much loved and not forgotten.In the absence of black and red juicy fruits my thoughts,alongside a couple of British culinary doyennes, turn to luscious summer tomatoes,red peppers and black olives to make a vegetarian alternative.You dont need to be a vegetarian to love this one.I modelled mine on a mutant of that famous and much loved Italian putanesca sauce,and a traditional ratatouille.Jennifer Patterson( much revered half of the two fat ladies) thought this up while daydreaming over that splendid Italian peasant dish Panzanella.Sophie Grigson considered it the perfect dish for a lazy summer lunch.I was just daydreaming.
Savoury summer pudding
Two essentials.You must find really good sweet tomatoes,not those tasteless Dutch ones.Second, the bread you choose to line the pudding basin must be thinly sliced otherwise the wonderful red juices wont seep through and stain the bread.
2 red onions
2 cloves garlic
1 large red pepper
1 orange pepper
1kg fresh vine ripened tomatoes
2 tbsp concentrated tomato purée
50g capers,rinsed and drained
1 mild fresh chilli deseeded and chopped
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
celery salt and pepper to taste


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