Drink your greens, and lose weight the chayote way

Its better for you than any Um Bongo.
I have to admit that I have always been a victim for trying out a particular food or drink  when the media is flagging it up as being good for you.Our mothers always told us "eat your greens" but hey mums, how about if we "drink our greens? It’s still summer so we carry on eating our glossy green salads with mint, celery and basil, and still its normal we  crave a lie down later.But what if we were to consume our greens another way and get energized? And after a cruel summer of chocolate, ice cream and cocktails, get that wasp waist back again? What would you say to that? I can see my dear mother grimacing in her grave as I tap this keyboard.I have tried many a green smoothie over the past few years and I have to say with great success.Carbohydrate squared is always the way forward.First came my cool summer hit,a Melon and ginger smoothie followed by the Green Genie,and more recently a detoxifying green smoothie with broccoli apple and celery.Now I just needed a new kitchen challenge, so I concocted a slightly different green smoothie, one that I hoped would not only be beneficial to my well being, but one that I  could really enjoy.
I have recently re-discovered the wonder that is the chayote.Often called the vegetable pear,chu chu, chayote, christophene, xuxu, mirliton, or sayote, it’s not actually from the pear family,but you can call it what you will. It’s high in fibre, vitamin C and vitamin B. It’s got really good properties that help lower your blood pressure,lower your cholesterol levels and help you lose weight.My dear mum could never get her head round cholesterol.She considered anyone who mentioned the word cholesterol a hypochondriac.
Chayote Smoothie
1/2 chayote
1/2 granny smith apple cored and de-pipped
2 cups green melon
1 celery rib
1 tablespoon honey optional
Juice from one lemon (only if making in advance)
Spring Water (if you want it thinner)
Blend all the ingredients.  If it is too thick, then add water,or if you prefer coconut water

I found that many smoothies required a banana for optimum flavour and texture,not so this one.
 Although I wouldn´t reccomend it, this can be made the night before but it will lose its colour.Lemon juice, or a similar acidifier, will help delay this discolouration.and you may need a corresponding addition of honey once you are ready to drink your smoothie.

Add mint to your smoothie if you ever get bored of it! It really changes the flavour!

This smoothie is loaded with phytonutrients, and it´s filling. It is definitely a meal in a glass. When I was testing this recipe I enjoyed every sip and felt very energized for hours afterward.

It will help you lose weight – the chayote is a veggie that contains a very low amount of calories,16  in 100 grams. This means that it can be seen in the nutritional content table at a very high number,because the chayote also contains no cholesterol and no saturated fats at all! Also, the chayote contains a lot of fibre. This is why it is such a recommended food for those people who are eagerly trying to lose some weight.

Will lower your cholesterol levels – when it comes to the nutrient content table of the chayote, this is a veggie that does not contain any saturated fats whatsoever, even for the caloric content alone in very small amounts. So, based on these factors, the chayote is definitely used to control your overall cholesterol levels. This is why it is quite good to be used by people who are dealing with high levels of cholesterol.


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