Broccoli the "it" vegetable coming soon to a smoothie parlour near you

Detoxifying green smoothie with broccoli apple and celery  (recipe below)
I recently saw a poster that carried this headline "I love my gut" initial reaction was, but how can I when it does what it does to me.On further investigation I discovered it was advertising a product of the same name,another product that might well be something that could improve my wellbeing.Inside the big bad "marketing machine", public relations and marketing companies are hired by growers and supermarkets to influence us, the public, and help them create a market for "superfoods."
As we all know there is no such thing as a "superfood" its just a tag that the media and marketeers have chucked at us in the hope that we are gullible enough to believe it.Kale became a darling of the fruit and vegetable aisle thanks to a viral transformation. Now, publicity firms are helping to create trends around once uncommon produce, touting their nutritional superpowers.Broccoli is now trying to be the new Kale emerging as the star of food blogs and instagram feeds and whatever else is currently trending.I have recently been putting one of these broccoli based products to the test.The bacteria Helicobacter Pylori is present in two third of the world´s population (in many it lies dormant in others like myself it leaves us feeling miserable ).
H.Pylori is the only known bacteria to survive in the highly acidic environment of the stomach.The product in question contains a natural extract found in fresh broccoli, brassicare. The manufacturers claim "that it has been proven to be an effective anti-bacterial agent for H.pylori and can prevent and cure stomach ulcers and other gut problems it causes".They also claim "it has proven antioxidant properties which act as a booster of the detoxifying system (in particular the liver)".This helps the body counter the negative effects of modern life.
There´s hurly there´s burly but Mary Brazzle is always in equilibrium:increased stress,unbalanced diet,alcohol consumption
The current path used by most doctors, mine included, is to prescribe antibiotics, but it has been pretty well proven in my own case and others alike that this tough bacteria is resistant to any antibiotic on the market.So that route will not destroy H.Pylori but also can upset the already delicate balance of friendly flora in the gut actually making the situation worse.Well the good news is surprisingly in this case the manufacturers claims are true. It has worked for me and at the end of a 30 day course of one tablet a day, I have found that it has not been enough to wipe out this nasty bacteria completely but has significantly contributed to a noticeable improvement in my condition.And to think it comes from something as basic as broccoli!!!!being pleased with the result I thought I would put fresh broccoli further to the test......

Detoxifying green smoothie with 
broccoli apple and celery

If the thought of raw broccoli in your smoothie has you running in the opposite direction, wait just a minute. I won’t try to convince you of its mighty healthy powers (that is a bit of a lie,after all we are talking about broccoli,one of nature´s best foods).I am going to share a secret with you,(and dont worry I´m not going to get you tangled up in my insides).You can hide the taste of of your broccoli in your smoothie.Pulverize it to oblivion if you wish,top it with banana,almond milk and honey to sweeten the result,but just add the broccoli.Start with just a bit then gradually increase the amount to 1 cup florets per smoothie. Impressed?-I think you will be.Cooking broccoli will cause valuable vitamins to be lost as they leak into the water.The more you cook it,the more it will leak and lose its powers.Who needs powerless broccoli.Its bad enough that we have to eat it at all, but if it is not doing us any good what is the point of eating it at all.Hide your broccoli in your smoothie because your broccoli itself is hiding a lot of minerals and vitamins within it.Make a habit of it and it will help will help detoxify your body,helping it to be healthy and to fight infection and disease.The vitamin C alone helps repair cells.

1 cup broccoli florets
1 rib of celery
1 apple
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 small banana
12 tsp raw honey
1/4 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
add to blender,blend,drink,enjoy and get healthy


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