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Nepalese bread with a twist

                                                                                                                                                Photo: Ricardo Bernardo 2021 Could these be the Nepalese answer to potato chips? These breadsticks bite back. Gauge your tolerance for heat as you decide how much pepper to use. Inspiration here comes from two sources. In the first instance I was trying to emulate some bread that Nepalese chef Santos Shah cooked on Masterchef. My only source of inspiration and secondly I wanted to use the on trend Nepalese ingredient Timut pepper.Chef Shah called his creation jungle bread and included anchovy. He baked it on lemongrass skewers ( see above ).Having tried a version with anchovy, as much as we love them we were not convinced. Instead of baking them on skewers, camp fire bread stick style, I incorporated lemongrass powder into the ingredients along with paprika to give the bread a rounded smoky finish. Salt and Timut pepper breadsticks 450g/1lb st

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