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White borsch

Polish white borsch or zurek Commonly served for Easter, when I was going to make it but got sidetracked with other eastery paschal doings, this white borscht can be found in rotation on many Ukrainian and Polish restaurant and deli menus year-round because it’s a crowd-pleaser. Having made it I now know why. This recipe is an homage to the Polish white borscht, also known as zurek or Zur. It’s magnificent, blended and creamy, rich and peppery, smokey and sour,due to the inclusion of rye bread or sourdough, and hearty because it’s filled with half-moons of Kielbasa sausage  and sliced hard-boiled egg. Speaking of ingredients, the quality of the kielbasa really makes a difference here—you’re looking for a 1½- to 2-inch-wide, usually over a foot long, smoked, and semi-dried kielbasa packed with black pepper and garlic, sometimes labeled as “wedding sausage.” Kielbasa doesnt feature here in the Algarve so i had to think on my feet, and discovering this soup is often served with white saus

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