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What is it? Pkhali

Is it a pate, is it a paste, is it a parfait, is it a spread, is it a dip? It comes in many colours and its called pkhali. Before I dive into these two amazing pkhali recipes, I probably need to discuss what exactly pkhali is.... Pkhali (spelt ფხალი in Georgian and sometimes transliterated to fkhali) is a type of salad or spread that is very typical to Georgian cuisine. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a meal table that doesn’t include pkhali as one of the many appetisers and fresh dishes on offer.The dish is made with a host of different vegetables commonly found in Georgian cuisine. Most often, you will find beet pkhali (both with beetroot and beat leaves), carrot pkhali, cabbage pkhali and aubergine pkhali. The last one, aubergine pkhali, is more often referred to as badrijani nigvzit, or aubergine with walnuts. At its heart, all pkhali is a pâté made with pureed vegetables with walnuts and spices and it is incredibly flavoursome and deeply delicious. Pkhali (ფხალი) is wha

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