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Have the stars have begun to lose their lustre?

  Is "something rotten in the state of Denmark"? With the recent news that Noma in Copenhagen is closing, is it perhaps a signal that all is not well in the realm of Michelin Star restaurants?  Being awarded a Michelin star was once the ultimate culinary accolade, a reward for the punishing hours and dedication to detail that helped usher chefs into the upper echelons of their industry and bring big-spending diners into their restaurants. It’s the famous tyre company´s road trip guide book that turned into a global phenomenon, with the winners of its stars gaining column inches nationally and waiting lists for some of the best restaurants stretching into months. In its original conception, as a way to  encourage more road travel, and hence boost tyre sales, they d ecided to create a comprehensive guide book for motorists which catalogued hotels, restaurants, mechanics and petrol stations. Nowadays it has become something of a sometimes controversial global phenomenon. In 1900

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