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Mission:Impossible. Latkes

How to  stop an enemy task force all the while preventing an impending kitchen disaster!! How could you not love a latke, the perfect fried potato pancake? What you pair it up with is up to you, it might be with bacon, or with a fried egg astride it, smoked salmon or just simply a garnish of some creme fraiche and chives. What everyone does not love however is the way they make your kitchen, clothing, and everything else smell of frying for a week after the event. There are ways to mitigate this (open all the windows, set up fans, burn Jo Malone scented candles, diffusers, White company aromatizers, home sprays ), but none are particularly effective or easy to manage while handling a pan of hot oil. The most natural solution is of course to bake them in the oven. Perhaps very obviously, the absence of frying oil in baked latkes prevents your house from smelling like a deep-fryer, though it also means the latkes lack what makes them so flavoursome and crisp. Case in point: To make pota

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