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Mumbai no Frankie

Even though one might be intimidated and concerned about the hygiene issue, street food has always drawn me to it. I love the idea of just walking down the street, getting hungry and being able to grab a quick bite without having to stop in a restaurant. There are no table manners or formal attire but the air is always casual and it’s just about the food. Call it fast food or junk food, I dont care, street food has managed to win a lot of hearts. Food is an absolutely vital part of the travel experience. The key to understanding a places´ culture and history often lies in its cuisine. While many globetrotters choose to do this by booking a table at a popular tourist trap restaurant, I have always been of the belief  that in order to find the best food in a new place, one often has to take to the streets. Some of the most delicious food I have experienced while travelling has been on the streets no matter what time  of the day. I especially remember the bustling food market at

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