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"Not Le Caprice"

Perhaps the most anticipated opening of 2024? A historically important restaurant Le Caprice (Or Something Like It) is to return. " Not Le Caprice " is about to open and will be called The Arlington after the street it's located on , just behind The Ritz. A little primer for anyone who’s taking in a lot of new information here. Le Caprice was originally opened by Mario Gallati in 1947 at 20 Arlington Street in London's St James's area and soon drew the cafe society through its doors, and quickly gained a reputation for being frequented by celebrities.B ut the real golden era came later, Le Caprice was one of those iconic London restaurants that was rarely out of the society pages during its 1980s heyday.   Princess Diana had a favourite corner table; Omar Sharif and Ian Dury got into fisticuffs over a girl; and Madonna and Liz Hurley were counted among the regulars.It became a legendary dining spot for Sir Elton John, Sir Laurence Olivier, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan C

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