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Is Mushroom Powder your secret ingredient?

Mushroom powder brings pow! to popcorn Sometimes taking a wrong turn by the bananas in a supermarket that you are not completely au fait with can prove more than fruitful. It can open up whole new avenues and perhaps lead  you to a particular gondola you have never noticed before. You have stumbled through a doorway to enchantment, and hey -ho, a plethora of culinary trivia that immediately grabs your attention. Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities and things your shopping list hadn´t previously told you that you needed.  While out shopping the other day I stumbled upon what might I call a " posh ingredients " section. Sitting next to the artesan salts I noticed some jars of dried mushroom powder.I am well versed in the capabilities of Porcini mushrooms and only last week finished up using a bag of these dehydrated fungi. It got me thinking. I noticed that when I had finished using the mushrooms for the intended purpose of making a stock with them, there was some ‘d

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