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Breaking with tradition. Carribean Black rum cake

I had a wealth of online photos to guide me ...                                      photo:@ Christmas is coming and this old goose is getting fat.Whether using Grandmother´s, mother´s or somebody else's recipe, it´s never tw'early to think about making the Christmas cake. My mother's recipe has long since disappeared and I have always made a rich dark fruit cake, from the writings of the late Michael Smith.It should be left for at least a month for its flavours to fully mature. This cake is good at any time of the year. Got a wedding in 2024 anybody? This year however I broke with tradition, curious about how they celebrate Christmas in the Carribean.Say the words bolo pretu to a West Indian and their eyes will light up with pleasure.This moist, dense fruit cake is traditionally a Carribean wedding cake. Bolo pretu literally means "black cake"in papiamento. Papiamento or Papiamentu is a Portuguese-based creole language spoken in the Dutch Car

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