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Nuts about Wasabi

Fim de ano: a opção Casa Rosada para o réveillon 2014

So ho Casa Rosada So Christmas

Mendiants variation on a theme of Florentines

Laranjinhas - little oranges

Bah-hamburger - a Christmas tale of the unexpected

Buñuelos - Cherubic Christmas buttocks

Compliments of the season

Broas castelares a cake is for now not just for Christmas

Gougeres,buns or puffs? bacon and cheese from heaven

World Aids Day 2013

From Ribatejo to the Açores and back in the Algarve - Grelos-growing your own grub

The label said not but this hit the spot

Pão batata doce com chouriço e bacon makes the best ever egg mayonnaise sandwich

Tempted by Jannson - Proudly made in Portugal, Batata e anchova no forno