Charabancs mountebanks and chari vari

The Charivari is about to begin.The medieval circus is coming to town once again.All the performers will soon be doing their introductory piece before they take to the streets.We gonna party like its 1499. Charabancs of all those who want to party into their middle ages are imminent.Oh joy,Such fun!!!
Today the promotional packs of medieval sugar arrived for our guests to tear open and sweeten their coffee at the breakfast table."Azucar Medievais" announced the delivery man Thank you my liege, noblesse oblige, we will duly serve and not store the "white gold".
In medieval days sugar was extremely expensive, and was known as “white gold”. Wealthy people actually stored sugar as a form of savings.
One of my favourite stories tells of a bishop who bought sugar from Portuguese merchants for many years and stored it in his chamber. When he died, his possessions were divided between the cloister's monks. These possessions included the sugar. The monks tasted it expectantly, but grimaced in disgust. Instead of being sweet, it had a bitter, unpleasant taste. They didn't know that the sugar had been transported across Egypt by camel. During the journey it had absorbed the camel's sweat, which turned it bitter. Deprived of its sweetness, the sugar was now worthless.

Dias Medievais 2017 Castro Marim Dias 23 -27 Agosto


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