A Salada Ligia,summer salad simplicity all year round

A Salada Ligia
There is a delicious salad that Ligia Madeira, the cozinheira at A Tasca medieval, prepares. I love this salad for its simplicity,just 3 ingredients,yes just 3.Not only is it the small number of ingredients that make this salad work, it is how these three ingredients so naturally compliment each other.This is a summer salad you can eat all year round ,well, in the Algarve anyway.I have recently followed the style of this salad but changed just one of the ingredients, replacing the dried herb with  fresh basil (manjericao).A kind of Portuguese tricolore,It worked beautifully too.Thank you LM Madeira for the inspiration and for all the lovely dishes you prepare for us,especially this lovely start to any meal.cant wait for my next cataplana de marisco.
Variation on a theme of  A Salada Ligia
A Salada Ligia
150g Queijo de cabra tipico fresco ( Fresh artesanal goats cheese)
6 slices of tomate cacho (Vine tomatoes)
sprinkling of dried oregano and dried basil

Slice the goat cheese in half and then cut each half into rectangles.Slice the tomatoes.
To assemble:layer alternately the slices of cheese with slices of tomato,until you have filled the plate.Finish by carpeting the salad with the dried herbs.Serve.

Variation:(as above)take each tomato and with a sharp knife make 4-5 incisions 2/3
of the way through the tomato.Fill each incision with a slice of goats cheese and a fresh basil leaf.


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