Green Genie

A smoothie for the The Big squeeze- The Green Genie

1 Large green stick of celery
1 apple
a quarter of a pineapple
juice of two limes
a thumb sized piece of fresh ginger,minced
Put it all in a juicer or blender and blitz
Celery is an excellent source of immune boosting vitamin C, allowing it to be a fighter of the common cold. Its anti-inflammatory properties have also been found effective against asthma. An old Chinese remedy for high blood pressure is to drink celery juice, which you can make in a blender or juicer. One to two glasses daily can help prevent or normalize high blood pressure.So just when the middle classes are worn out from eatin quinth, along comes a gorgeous looking drink,the green genie "let yourself go oh" glistening greeny-gold with a frothy mousse on top.It´s fun to drink too, because it plays tricks with your senses.The limey-pineapple nose promises the tropics,but once in the mouth the mellow sweetness of the apple balances off any zingy acidity.The ginger kick starts you,then just when you thought you´d identified all the ingredients and it was safe to sit down the celery kicks in giving it a long savoury finish.
It also delivers a good whack of vitamin C.The enzymes in the pineapple aid digestion.The celery makes you pee, which is not useful if you are in a queue at the post office, but very good for reducing the raised blood pressure and stress from having had to stand impatiently in line. Both celery and apple promote detox,so "woh ho" thats last nights drinking binge sorted.It speeds up digestion and benefits a sluggish system and joint inflammation, Gout, Cancer and high blood pressure. Can´t be bad.

Why not do as the Chinese have been doing for centuries: eat and drink your celery for a long life.


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