Sex and the kitchen- Beef encounter

Would you buy a kitchen from this man?
I loved Matthew Fort's "Induction seduction" post last September in the Guardian about his all- consuming love affair with a new Falcon Continental Induction Range Cooker, which brings a 1.5litre pan of water to a raging boil in 3 minutes 32 seconds. It made me mindful of one of those notorous car adverts claiming a car to go from 0-60 Mph in a balistic 3.6 seconds.The British motor industry has long been synonymous with centrefold adverts of bikini-clad women draped over shiny bonnets in the hope of seducing the wallets of potential testosteroned males with their flash product. Casa Rosada recently found itself in a kitchen showroom looking at possible contenders for an upgrade of worktops.One hot option was Silestone and my eye was drawn to the publicity attached.There was Kylie Minogue´s boyfriend, Spanish model, hunk Andres Velencoso in full kitchen action.Would you buy a kitchen from this man? To sell clothing, yogurt,and even breakfast cereal, women are featured in commercials and TV spots advertising the product. Okay, fine, that makes sense. Women wear, buy, and use those items. But car mufflers, plumbing parts, heavy duty tools? What's the relationship there between the woman and the product in question? We may laugh about how ridiculous it is, but we've been exposed to the use of women's bodies to sell products for so long that we don't give it much thought.But now the table has turned, previously female sexuality was used to sell almost every product.Advertisements placed in fashion magazines communicate to women that they exist only for male gratification. Is this now an example of men existing for female gratification.Who buys the kitchen and who pays for it?

Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson on the kitchen table 1981
I could not but help casting my thoughts back to the raw sexiness of the steamy, sexually charged performance of Jack Nicholson and Jesica Lange  in the 1981 re-make of The Postman Always Rings Twice. The 1946 drama film-noir based on James M.Cain´s novel was one of the earliest prototypes of today's 'erotic thrillers. A real pot-boiler. Is this what sells kitchens in Portugal? And are our kitchen accessories becoming the new fast cars. They're beautifully made and will give years of pleasure, for one thing - but in the age of so-called luxury kitchens, it's good to remember that it is possible to turn excellent food out of a basic stove. Elizabeth David wrote in a magazine article about her ideal kitchen `that she would be perfectly happy with the very ordinary Cannon gas cooker´ from her actual kitchen in London.
At the end of the day I think we´ll settle for wood, It´s more durable.


  1. nice Valentines Day post... better than the usual gooey tacky crap... just get to the sex... and YES I would buy a kitchen from that man... i'd buy poo in a bucket from him... probably...


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