The hottest date in town

A melting Moroccan moment
If you are looking for a hot date this weekend. Look no further,here is the answer.Divorce a tired old canape and marry some new flavour combos. Your parties will start to swing again. The devil rides out. This is the new devil on horseback, reinvented and flying off tapas platters at smart parties all across the Iberian peninsular.

Manchego stuffed dates wrapped in bacon
These are very rich, so plan on 2 per person.
They can  be made without bacon if you have a vegetarian in your midst.
24 pitted dates
130 g (5oz) manchego cheese at room temperature
12 pieces of bacon, rind removed cut in half
Pre-heat the oven to high setting. 
Cut the Manchego into rectangles just large enough to fill the cavity of the pitted date.
Stuff 1 piece of cheese into each date
Press the date around the cheese so the cheese is completely enclosed within the date.
Wrap each date with a piece of bacon
Place on a baking tray and bake for 4 minutes
Turn dates over and cook another 4 minutes
Serve HOT


  1. Yum!! I made something similar for New Years Eve, I used goat cheese as a filling instead of manchego. The manchego intrigues me, sounds like its time to make a hot date again :) Great pics!!

  2. even with a vile hangover these delightful creations are making my mouth water....


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