Things that make you go hmmm

Melon without port is like dressing Audrey Hepburn in a cheap frock.The recent hot weather has ripened  a type of melon we call "Meloa Gália".These melons are small, sweet, juicy and they´re very common in Portugal, especially in the Algarve where they are produced. When they are really small they are eaten in halves, with the seeds scooped out and replaced with a good quality port. This isn’t about anything as pedestrian as watermelon and vodka, the "Meloa Gália"deserves something more refined."Meloa Gália"and Port were meant for each other and because the Port is sweeter than the melon, it accentuates the melon´s fruit acid and gives you a dessert wth a delicate flavour.

Meloa Gália o Porto
Cut the bottom off the melon so it stands firm on the plate.Remove the seeds and excess fibre from the centre of the melon and fill the cavity with a good quality Port. Cut the other half of the melon into chunks and drop them into the pool of port. Eagerly devour them up, and  scoop the remaining flesh from the sides of the melon bowl until there is nothing left except an empty rind.


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