Filetes de Linguado to the Spaniard

How can google translate come up with something so entertaining? The challenge is can you follow this recipe?

3 people / 1hr 15min

almond: 2oogr
oil: 2dl
estragao: 2 soup spoons
Jerez: 2dl
White pepper in grain: q.b

It arranges the linguados ones, amanhando them, escamando them, washing them in current water and cutting them in filetes. It puts the oven to heat the temperature not very high. Pirex in oil dips in grease one and makes use filetes in the container, in one layer( for such, it is necessary that Pirex either enough great). It tempers with salt and worn out pepper at the moment and waters with a little of oil. Polvilhe with plated almonds and waters of Jerez. It has led to the hot oven already and leaves to bake during about 40 minutes. of time in when it waters with the proper gravy. No longer end of the cozedura polvilhe filetes of linguado with the perforated estragao and leaves to select more in the oven per 15 minutes.
it serves immediately.

I love the idea of worn out pepper
and suggest imbibing some waters of Jerez while you fathom this out!!!


  1. Hilarious! We are in Portugal at the moment, and have been using Babelfish with some amusing results.


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