Two fat ladies and another fat lady!!!

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"You ain´t fat" but you just have to follow this!!! It is written in Portuguese but i´m sure your translation tools can be put to good use. I think if you google three fat ladies it will come up in English if your computer is registered in the UK. I will be happy to help if there is a post that particularly interests you but you cant make head or tail of it. email me through Casa Rosada.
After hours and hours talking about making junket and discussing home economics, these three friends, Pipoka, Mrs Pickles and Farofia ( nomes de plumes ) who all love culinary experiences, decided to create this blog. They spent hours talking about food! Finally talking amongst themselves was too much so they decide to make their passion public and write about it. The blog name is an hommage to the humour and culinary wisdom - if not always politically correct - of the famous and fabulous "two fat ladies".
It is basicaly the gastronomic adventures of three fat ladies without motorbike or sidecar - This is Portugal 2010. These three have gathered together some of their favourite receitas, which coincidentally relates to jennifer always calling her recipes "receipts". Some of their posts reveal experiences in other areas of life as well. Their account of their trip by invitation to The Algarve, I found especially interesting
Start finding out secrets of traditional portuguese baking usually from a convent, for instance the recipe for ´Leavened cakes of San Miguel.´"Pipoka" and "Farofia" both work in marketing, while "Mrs Pickles" is a designer.Believe me this is the only way to access the heart of the real Portuguese kitchen.Recipes in Portugal are kept in the family, they are closely guarded secrets, and are only passed on to the next generation of the family. There are few definitive recipes as these aren´t the kind of secrets that can be written down. Everybody makes it in their own way. Thats why you find so many family run restaurants in Portugal. This is a gem and it is a privilege to share their country´s culinary heritage.
It is hard to believe that 14 years has passed since the two fat ladies graced Brish television screens, and 11 years since the sad passing of Jennifer. Part of the joy of Two Fat Ladies lay in its incorrectness on all levels. Both presenters were militantly anti-vegetarian and anti-slimming.Even from a hygienic angle, the programme excited controversy. The sight of Paterson's be-ringed fingers and luridly painted fingernails digging into bowls of uncooked ingredients disconcerted viewers accustomed to more whimsy-mimsy presenters and the more tiresome refinements of modern cuisine.Precise quantities were often replaced by a phrase like "generous slurp." This was a wonderful sort of culinary irreverance that will be missed and something I feel strongly lurking in the three fat ladies hommage.

RIP Jennifer Patterson (3 April 1928 – 10 August 1999)


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