Bolo de bolacha maria

`Something for the weekend ` - There are endless versions of this cake.The bolo de bolacha even has its own facebook page!!!! Casa Rosada´s favourite version is served at Restaurante Dom Petisco on the Guadiana river estuary at Vila Real de Santo Antonio ( + 351 281 541 853 )

Here is my new take on a true Portuguese classic!!

2 x 200g packets of Maria biscuits
4 egg yolks
125g unsalted butter
250g icing / confectioner´s sugar
100g good quality dark cocoa powder ( Valor Cacao Puro or Green and Black´s organic)
1 cup strong coffee
3 tbsp Maciera

1. Beat egg yolks, sugar, butter, until you get a creamy mixture

2. Brew strong coffee and add the Maciera.
Dip biscuits very briefly one by one.
Do not let the biscuits stay too long in the liquid as they will fall apart

3. Put a layer of biscuits in a spring form tin, in the form of a flower
and spread with a thin layer of the cream mixture

4. Dip more biscuits and add another layer of biscuits
and once again spread with a thin layer of the mixture
Keep repeating the process building layers until you have used all the biscuits

5. Once you have got the size of cake that you want,
finish up by covering the top and sides with more cream mixture
Save some cream mixture to touch up the sides of the cake
when you remove it from the springform tin before serving
Refrigerate overnight to set until ready to serve.

This post has now been updated and re-posted as " A new take on a Portuguese Classic"


  1. Hello, Casa Rosada. Thank you so much, R, for sharing your culinary passion with us. I will be following eagerly. Best wishes, Claire (and Jeremy and Heloise).
    P.S. It is chilly in London today. We are dreaming about your sunny garden and the fabulous meals served there... sigh.


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