A night in Tavira

.... A night off from cooking and a chance to sit back and take stock of what is coming out of other people kitchens. Our evening started with a sundowner of pink champagne at our favourite left bank bar Chez Carole et Manuel where we were joined by friends who had booked us a table on the outdoor terrace of the recently opened restaurante Amore Vero. Our first dinner there in April was impressive but last night they surpassed themselves, on all levels. Service, quality of food and presentation. It is no wonder this has achieved number one status on TripAdvisor of 36 restaurants in Tavira. Sara and Ricardo the Portuguese husband and wife chef-team quite clearly have a huge passion and talent for innovation with food!For a portuguese couple to be producing authentic Italian food with a modern twist is a first here in the Algarve. For starters we had the special of the day Figs stuffed with Ricotta and pistachio shavings The other three of us shared a plate of Italian Cheeses. For mains our friends kept with their favourite two dishes Saffron Risotto with prawns It was outstanding, full of flavour, stylishly presented, showing a dish that was obviously prepared with care by a passionate chef. Sue opted for her favourite home made pappardelle with which she requested an addition of fresh chilli. The charming waitress Emma remembered this from her last visit. My choice was the lamb shank with a saffron sauce roasted tomatoes on the vine and roasted mushrooms and butternut squash,the plate came with its own miniature lidded ramekin containing and individual portion of Dauphinoise potatoes. Andrew opted for The tenderest pigs cheeks with fennel and butternut squash. All in all one of the best dinners I have eaten in 15 years of dining in the Algarve. I encourage everyone to support this restaurant that sets an example to the hospitality industry and deserves to succeed above others.
Reservations + 351 281 098 007 Ristorante.amore.vero@gmail.com Website under construction. Everything Tip top says O cozinheiro este algarve!!!!!!!


  1. Going to try this on my birthday 4/09/2010,looking forward to it and thanks for the review


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