Thursday, 25 November 2010

Burnt Brûlé !!

This would have done the job better- Casa Rosada stock picture!!

What a "chefe"(Portuguese: head, chief, boss) never wants to happen. Nor anyone for that matter.You may recall I blogged back in October about our impending inclusion in a Tyler Brûlé publication Monocle. Casa Rosada returned from a long weekend in Lisbon to find courtesy copies of Monocle December / January issue on our doormat.We were so honoured that Monocle would even consider us in their publication  I said that we are the poor cousins. For sure, they made us look like a slum. What went wrong I do not know, but a top photographer was commissioned to come all the away down from Lisbon and spent a whole day here. He must have had something in the bag but what went to print was a picture of  a shabby unused door in  the side alley, a picture of the reception area that was wrongly captioned as a bedroom and a half decent picture of mein hosts. Once burnt twice shy. A bitter pill to swallow for two previous professional magazine stalwarts that would have never have allowed this to go to print.With the pudding burnt, Casa Rosada will think twice before saying yes next time, and ensure final say on picture selection.

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  1. You'll probably get disappointed guests coming for that slum glamour and you'll give them glamour glamour... I have friends who live in Nija who's house is also called casa rosada by the locals... but they only pained their front door pink... the spanish are a funny lot x