"Bah! Hamburg!"-er?

We enjoy a hamburger here in Portugal, as do the Portuguese. Wherever you are during these challenging economic times, the tried and tested philosophy of Economy Gastronomy will surely help you to overcome the credit squeeze.After a hectic day- Brie burger is the new 1/4 pounder with cheese -Simple supper or TV dinner, this is a dickens of a burger and a whole lotta fun in the bun!!! Home made junk food quick as sticks and satisfying my expat cravings. Right now all the TV food channels are talking cheese burger. I have been getting fat just watching the Food Network channel. The programme in question Diners, Drive-ins and Dives "Triple D"´s Guy Fieri called in at the Black Duck Cafe, Westport Connecticut,* where classically trained chef Tim Miller was cooking a Brie Hamburger. WOW!!!
Another night another channel and this time it was Nigel Slaters take on the cheeseburger. Water buffalo burger in ciabatta with buffalo mozzarella and tomato/ How yum is that. But back to the brie burger and the Black Duck Cafe. I have tried this twice now. The first time I sealed the brie carefully in the middle of the burger and then cooked it on a dry griddle. The verdict/ delicious but not enough cheese. Take two was to make two thin rounds of beef for each burger, spread brie all over one round then sandwich the two rounds together sealing them together securely so no cheese can escape.The second time I used much more cheese.Always use a dry griddle or skillet with no oil. The quality of the beef is the most important consideration, and simple seasoning, just salt and freshly ground black pepper. I used salmarim flor de sal pimentao.500g of good quality beef will give you 4 x 125g burgers. Burger bun, bap or any type of artesan roll or ciabatta. the choice is yours. Your main consideration is that some breads will absorb the juices from the meat more efficently than others.Add whatever garnish/ relish, you like.Any body got any innovative ideas to surpass Brie burger? Lets share.

* HOT TIP  Another great culinary tip can be gleaned from this same programme.Chef Tim Miller also cooked clams. He rinsed his clams in cornmeal water. This not only cleans the clams but, as with mussels, they feed on the flour and it fattens them up. What a neat tip is that. Now you can serve the cleanest fattest clams this side of Connecticut.Back in the Algarve I will now always be fattening up my ameijoas with papas de milho.


  1. Sounds divine....I use a boursin type cream cheese in exactly the same way...check out this burger blog....


  2. sorry, should be www.aht.seriouseats.com


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