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Today I found myself sitting at the computer going back to my former vocation as a graphic designer.
Father Christmas brought me a new gadget to add to my batterie de cuisine. Alongside my "Brenda"(blender, more on that story later, Kirsty) I now have a "Barbarella". I never thought I would see the day that I would be making high quality home made yoghurt, but lets never look a gift horse in the mouth, and this Ariete Yogurella is going to change the face of the coming season´s breakfast table here at Casa Rosada. What our guests will be served will be a 100% home made yoghurt started from a top quality algarvian live bulgaric lactobacillus."Oooohhh I say said Mrs Sykes." We have called the Yoghurt `Bom Dia´(Good Morning)and we will be offering home made toppings of Seville orange curd, lemon curd, blueberry puree, strawberry, apple puree, quince puree, and others , all subject to seasonal availability.We endeavour to add a personal touch to most things and by adding our own label to the yoghurt we hope  it will make breakfast that little bit more special.So here is a sneak preview of the new breakfast time culture- Bom Dia!!!!


  1. how delightful... never made homemade yoghurt before but my grandma used to swear by hers... must come pay a visit sometime I guess!


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