It’s all the Raj: Go-to Green Apple and Mint Chutney

I’m sure I’ve said this before,but I will say it again, I am a condiment fiend. One look in our fridge, with all its jars, tubes, and bottles will convince even a skeptic of my affliction.I am always on the look out for new chutneys and everywhere I have looked recently it seems "fresh" chutneys are all the raj.Who needs to sweat over a preserving pan of vinegared fruit when one finger on the pulse of a processor can give you a chutney as fragrant and as fresh as any you´ve ever tried.Ok the shelf life is going to be shorter but then again fresh chutneys are there to be eaten and when I´m around they disappear sharpish. 
I wanted to avoid cooking and this totally innovative green apple chutney caught my eye. I needed to make something which is quick and something that can be enjoyed with my sandwich for lunch.I had picked up 3 Granny Smith apples at the market and was wondering how to fit them into a recipe!I peeked into the fridge and got out all the stuff that goes into a regular chutney-mint leaves,coriander,ginger,green chilies and put them all in the blender with the cored and peeled apples. That’s when my delicious sweet and fresh tangy Apple Chutney was born!
 Green chutney, also known as coriander or hari chutney, is a refreshing Indian condiment that goes with nearly everything from samosas to seafood,for lunch it can go into sandwiches or salads, and for dinner the possibilities are endless. It works especially well with seafood, be it seared scallops or grilled fish or prawn dishes.Try this green apple chutney for a hot and spicy way to eat your apple a day! This easy recipe pairs well with everything from rice to rotis to steaks and roast chicken.This chutney is a must-have go-to for every fridge.
Here’s what I blended together for the Green Apple Chutney
Green Apple and Mint Chutney 
The lemon juice helps prevent this chutney from turning colour once stored.  
2 Granny Smith apples/tart cooking apples(peeled,cored and chopped)
Mint leaves-10 numbers
Coriander leaves/Cilantro-2 tablespoons
Green chilly/Serrano-1 no.
Lemon juice-2 tablespoons
Jeera/Cumin seeds-1 tsp(roasted)
Jaggery/Stevia-2 tsp/to taste (optional)

tsp cayenne pepper
Salt-to taste

Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend till you get a fine paste.
Adjust salt and sugar according to your taste.
Serve the Green Apple Chutney with sandwiches, as a dip or as a salad dressing.


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