Deep fried capers,user friendly bar food, addictive garnish or cocktail food with attitude......?

.....All of the above.
Put the word ‘fried’ in front of anything these days and it just sounds so passé,yet these little gems of deliciousness popped up on trendsetting Masterchef this year.
I’m not talking the little, peppercorn-sized nonpareil variety known as capers (sans ‘berries—because these aren’t berries, but the buds of the plant), no, these were big, mature caper berries, the size of grapes, with their stems still attached to provide a convenient handle. 
So what happens to them when subjected to the fryer and why should we be bothering?.....Because...The frying brings to life the natural oils in the caper berries, warming them and amping up the already delicious, tart flavour that is present in the berries. The crisp, breaded crust encases everything in a nice little package that can then be grasped by the stem and popped in the mouth. Mmmm, please sir can I have some more .
Deep Fried Caper Berries

20 or so Large Caper Berries, Stem-On
2 Eggs, Beaten

1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup home made breadcrumbs (combined with grated parmesan,optional)
2 Teaspoons flor de sal

Drain the caper berries, then set aside.  Next, beat the eggs together until they are nicely combined.  
 Put the flour in one bowl, then set the egg mixture next to it, then in the last bowl combine the bread crumbs and garlic salt.  
First dip in the flour,then the egg mixture.Repeat the first two steps,then dip in the breadcrumb mixture
When you are finished, you should have a nice, well-coated berry with no gaps in the breading.
Reserve on the breadcrumb plate and repeat with the rest of the berries. 
Heat your deep fryer with vegetable oil or peanut oil to 375F...
...then fry about half your berries for around three minutes or so, until they are golden brown.  Repeat with the other berries. 
Drain on paper towel,and allow them to dry and then serve immediately.  They are best when they are hot from the fryer, and their internal oils are still hot. 
Variation on the theme: You can get some pitted Greek or Kalamata olives and treat them the same way;  that is, batter and fry them using this recipe.  They won’t have a little stem-handle, but they will taste out of this world.  Do this and mix some in with the caper berries for an out-of-this-world experience.  


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