Finally found focaccia

Don't we all love a pressed sandwich?
This small batch loaf pan focaccia recipe is perfect for when you want focaccia but don't want a huge tray bake to satisfy that craving. 
It's the perfect size bread recipe for if you're single or live alone and are cooking only for yourself, or if you're cooking for you and just one other person.
They are very easy to make, and the only limit to the kinds of sandwiches you can make is your imagination!
My favourite is tuna mayo with spinach and tomato.
Every country has its own take on the pressed sandwich and each has its own type of bread to do it with. From Italy we get Foccacia and Ciabatta. From India, Rotis and Chapatis. The Mediterranean brings us Turkish Pide, Greek pitta,Lebanese Manoosh, Khoubiz,and from Ethiopia Injera. The list goes ever on.  
Now to make a hot pressed sandwich you could go out and buy a Le Creuset panini pan for upwards of €150, or you could just do what I do .....
Use a cast iron grill pan! Just add the weight of another heavy weighted pan on top and eh voila! Panini press!
No grill press? No problem


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