Its been a while...bear with

In touch with the past but looking to the future.....

I imagine you friends /followers are wondering why my posts are getting few and far between on here.The truth is the majority of my food posts are now on instagram.If you are a blogger it only becomes worthwhile if you get feedback and a positive response from your readers.In the past 14 years of writing this blog the response has been piecemeal, whether people are too shy in coming forward or reserved to engage I have never found out, even when I posted that very same question on the blog, I still got no answers. In the last two years of posting on instagram I have been receiving instant responses and have over three times the number of followers.I probably now have more "friends" on instagram than I do in reality.The response has been amazing and the conversations and threads becoming more fluent as more followers come on board. As a social media platform instagram is more direct and one can post and keep things briefer, more  topical and immediate.The clue is in the title "insta".
Alongside the covid pandemic, retirement has allowed me the benefit of more time to develop my writing and believe me  there are many many more posts ( 1,677 so far on here and a further 1,250 on instagram ) in the pipeline. I will continue to post here and I want to expand my content to encompass a wider but still related subject matter. Profiles of food, local producers and artisan suppliers. More restaurant reviews, more book reviews, unusual techniques, I am becoming increasingly interested in the history of food, customs and the more unusual type of recipes from an assortment of cultures, and as age comes upon me be increasingly driven by nostalgia.  Bear with.... 

                        writers blog, seriously grumpy, but always on the lookout for inspiration....
                                         .........and it often comes over a glass of wine, or two


  1. And if you’re in need of a taster to give a genuine opinion you know where I am😋

    1. Thank you Barbara,of course,always

  2. I'm going off to try and find you right now on Insta Rupert...x

  3. Ok, here I am trying to make a comment…. Wonder if it will accept it 🤔


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