No trick nor treat

The old fashioned Halloween -society bobbing for apples
the contemporary idea

Happy Halloween - sweetie?
Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays, with origins stemming from centuries of both religious observance and superstition.As a child I was brought up on bobbing for apples, and the strangest custom where my father would get a piece of solid metal molten hot, then we would toss it into a bucket of cold water, withdraw it and read our fortune in the shapes the melted metal had formed. Superstition at its best I would say? The name itself is a derivative of “All Hallows Eve,” It´s roots were in the Celtic festival of Samhain,  and prior to that the Roman festival named after the goddess Pomona, hence the apple bobbing connection. Today Halloween has now become synonymous with commerce.
Today is Halloween and by now all the Halloween recipes have been posted -  For obvious reasons. People need to read them and make them for their celebration of All Hallows.Call me old fashioned but all the recipes I have been reading over the past few weeks on blogs and commercial websites, are just being themed to this particular night and if divorced from that they all stand up on their own for various occasions throughout the winter or even the whole year. 
So lets have some "Sympathy with the devil"..."That old devil called love"

Bloody Mary - perfect cocktail at any time of the year and great accompaniment to scrambled eggs for breakfast. Kick start to the day and perfect hangover cure.

Devilled eggs - perfect for Easter thanksgiving and summer picnics

Devils on horseback, a favourite canape from the Abigails Party era.Never has a prune been better dressed. Pushing the boundaries of culinary inventiveness, someone, probably in this country, once decided to combine the typically British delicacies of streaky bacon and prunes in one delicious snack, nowadays enhanced with some mango chutney. You stuff the chutney into the pitted prune, wrap it in bacon and secure it all with a toothpick. Grill for about three minutes on each side and a taste sensation will be ready for your expectant palate.Originally French "anges a cheval",angels on horseback, oysters wrapped in bacon.
These little devils are surely well overdue a comeback.

Devilled kidneys, a piquant Victorian British breakfast dish consisting of lamb's kidneys cooked in a mixture of Worcestershire sauce and mushroom ketchup, - what a perfect start to the day. This perfect dish should steady you and lift the spirits at the same time, not ward off the spirits!!!

Pumpkin pie a traditional North American sweet dessert, eaten during the fall and early winter especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas, not neccesarily on Halloween." An American classic we really should import, or something best left on the other side of the ocean?" -A bete noire of the foodista nationalist party - Guardian readers and writers you know who you are.

Devils food cake- an all time classic chocolate cake, this is a truly wicked treat for all chocolate worshipers, anywhere anytime!

and just to say i´m not an old killjoy

The ocozinheiro halloween awards 2010

Favourite halloween recipe-

Black and Orange Halloween Pasta 

Most imaginative presentation

Spooky soup- Roast pumpkin and garlic


  1. god bless you for that... totally unexpected to be reading your interesting article about the history of Halloween and then see your very kind halloween award, that's very sweet... love the blog as always, Dom x

  2. Alas we were too busy to even hollow a pumpkin this year though we did make some soup.
    Great information,remembering we used to hollow turnips not pumpkins.
    Your Dad sounds very swashbuckling,health and safety would frown on the molten metal trick.
    Love Devils on Horseback BTW.


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