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October in the Algarve sees late cropping figs hit the market.
Not all traders have them but them that do does you proud.They jump off the stalls and into peoples shopping baskets before you can say figgin ell, there´s none left! Today I needed 12 fine specimens to make fig cheese cake. Cheese... cake? .... FIGS?
Yes, as a fig fanatic I had been lured into the pages of the latest issue of Blue cooking,which I no longer need to buy, as it can be read online at cooking, Portugals answer to the UK´s Olive and Delicious, is part of a publishing portal of quality lifestyle magazines. Check out Blue Travel online issue 77 for a 19 page feature on Castro Marim
So what tempted me? - An 8 page feature on figs- am I in hog heaven or what?

My Cheesecake de figos

Cheesecake de figos seemed a mouthwateringly tempting recipe ( page 38 ) and very simple, so I rose to the challenge. My finished pud was thwarted by the fact that as so very often happens in this digital age- the recipe in question had not been subbed, by this I mean its author had written it and the copy had not been checked and proofed before publication. The problem in question was with the two types of sugar listed in the recipe. It tells you what to do with the golden sugar, but not the plain sugar. In hindsight I now realise this ingredient should have been added in Step 1. I overlooked this and my cheesecake was palatable and had our  guests ooing and aaahing but tasted a little bland. What a shame. Nevertheless I will try again.

If you have time to try this recipe please tell me how YOU get on.
Has anyone had similar experiences of badly edited recipes? I would love to hear from you.


  1. Yes.Also if you're using an a recipe with imperial measurements the conversion to metric can affect the finished result.I suppose its because baking is a science.
    Just picked up a load of figs at half price in waitrose-love 'em.


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