The coast is clear... but not for long

The Fabrica Lagoon
WARNING:Non food related post. if you are expecting a recipe stop reading now.
"Dear diary" kicks in for a bit of light relief and normal service will resume tomorrow.
Easter is over and now we have the lull before the storm. It´s still Spring but the temperatures are already inviting us for a swim at the beach The beaches are still deserted,but the Portuguese are saving their hard earned cash for the back up of holidays in June. Dia de Portugal, the national holiday is on 10th  June. Many Algarve towns have their Municipal holiday in June, with our own Castro Marim holiday and Tavira´s holiday as always coinciding on the 24th June.This year Corpo de deus falls on 23rd June, a Thursday, so that makes for a very long weekend of beach, eating and drinking. And summer officially starts on 20th June. I am enjoying my space while it lasts, before the sunbeds and umbrellas stake their claim on the sands, and the hordes arrive and there is no rest for the wicked for 4 months.Lets hope the crise universal,Portuguese bail out and the election on June 5th don´t keep the punters away- but meanwhile while the early morning spring sun shines my dog and I will enjoy the bay before we have to make way .


  1. Stunning beach and lovely dog....This is a great time of year...warm but not too hot....I do look forward to swimming soon too.Enjoy,


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