Reparar em a diferença

Spot the difference
There is  a universal game, popular in  magazines and journals throughout the world, which in English we call "spot the difference". When one of our recent Portuguese guests took up the Casa Rosada cookery workshop I gleaned a lot of information regarding notable Portuguese cook books. Among the titles that she came up with was an international co-edition of the English title The Cookery Year, the first cookery book my mother bought me and my initiation into cooking for myself and friends. First published in the 1970´s by the Readers Digest, this was the bible of us culinary twenty year olds.The concept of the book guides you through entertaining and cooking with what is seasonal, either in England or Portugal. 40 years later I am introduced to the Portuguese version, following the same layout but with entirely Portuguese recipe content.The format seems identical to the original English version, but the Portuguese version has been completely re-styled. I must lay my hands on a copy of this. Can any Portuguese follower of this blog tell me where I can acquire one? I am only interested in an original edition.I am also fascinated to hear from anyone who knows of editions in any other language featuring its national gastronomy.Please can anyone help me with this information.


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