Bringing it all back home

Suffering from end-of-holiday blues? Cheer up, at least you can relive one small part of it once you´re back home. With a recipe you can recreate the smells and flavours of another land and, as everyone knows, smell-above all other senses-is the most powerful trigger to recalling memories.
Unlike a holiday romance a recipe is a love affair that you CAN bring home with you and cherish for your lifetime. It´s like having a second helping, you have kept something in your back head and then you have the chance to recreate it by having it  handed to you on a plate.The Salt of Portugal recently posted a promotion for Jean Anderson´s book The Food of Portugal. Another great starter to bring home to you the meals you enjoyed in Portugal is The Taste of Portugal by Edite Viera.
For a more indulgent souvenir,which captures the essence of Portugal´s culinary identity, the must have take home cook book is Tessa Kiros´s Piri Piri Starfish. Kiros embroiders the recipes from the land of bay leaves, bacalhau and Piri Piri.  If you have stayed with us at Casa Rosada and enjoyed any of the dishes we have cooked for you we have recipe cards for all our dishes,please contact us by email and hopefully we can respond to your requests. For a limited period here at Casa Rosada we are offering this service to any readers of this blog who have not stayed with us, but might have seen our Facebook page or some other source.


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