There´s no knead for pao caseiro

Flat and rock hard-a bâtard perhaps?
I have never had much luck with bread making so why on earth did I get drawn in to this? There was absolutely no Knead.I suppose that these must of been the words that coaxed me. Another possible factor that influenced me was also the recipe informing me that the dough would make four one pound (500g) loaves.And would keep in the refrigerator for 14 days.GREAT!! It indicated a certain simplicity.The dough is made with nothing but all-purpose flour, yeast, salt, and water, and promised me that it was “the easiest thing to handle, shape, and bake. “This white dough can be used to make a boule, baguette, bâtard ( i think that might have meant what my loaf should have been called!!!), ciabatta, couronne, crusty white sandwich loaf, and soft dinner rolls”.Promises promises… I had three attempts, but it was not until the fourth and last that I produced something moderately edible.The word worthy came to mind with each attempt.

a slight improvement in texture but still "worthy"
What I loved about it was the not knowing what you were going to get. Its was  like having a baby. You know whats coming out – a little tiny being, but you don’t exactly know what it will look like, its traits and features are a mystery until it is born. No Knead Bread is like that. Each time I baked it – it came out looking different. Sometimes it was lop sided, with different cracks, nothing that was was destined for the stage. Artesan it said and artesan it was.Each time I gave birth to mutant loaf,and I have to say this voyage into the unknown was the only modicum of enjoyment of my first and last time tackling “ NO KNEAD” bread
The internet abounds with recipes for quick and easy artesan breads of this method.Judging by the pictures some lucky peeps are having success and the comments re-iterated….

“Wow! What a gorgeous, beautifully colored, irresistible loaf of artisan bread!”

“The loaf had a chewy crust and a beautiful interior.”

“The ingredients for the dough were fast and simple to assemble”.

What a blessing the fourth version made the best ever tastiest buttered toast
Well my dear peeps with all those recipes on offer out there why not see if you can do justice to no knead bread. From the pictures on their blog, Jam hands. this one almost tempted me to try again.Let me know how you get on.


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