Dont push me May

 Portuguese Heirloom tomatoes
Its May It´s May, May is here! It’s unbelievable how fast this year is going. It seemed like only yesterday we were ringing in the New and now we’re almost halfway through 2015.Today the monthly market was in town,buzzing and everyone around seemed to be happier (maybe it’s the anticipation of summer or maybe everyone’s seasonal affective disorder is finally wearing off). I don´t know about you but with the sun shining and nature in full bloom again I finally feel motivated.May is the month that gets one pushed busywise,not only in the kitchen with all this wonderful new produce but in the garden too,planting seeds and potting on plants that will keep our tummies happy well into late summer.In season in the Algarve are Nesperas,Portuguese avocados,strawberries,snails. The first soft fruits are making an appearance,white fleshed peaches,nectarines and hopefully soon apricots and the "Figos Lampos"the first figs of the year,so called because they resemble lamps;lampo or lampeiro in Portuguese also appropriately means premature and hasty.I even saw a small box of cherries but at €8 a kilo I declined the stallholders offer."Only for the pregnant women" he added,making a relevant gesture with his hands.
On the foraging front too wild asparagus, spinach, dandelion leaves and Salicornia (marsh samphire)are springing up.

Returning home shoulder askew with a bag of  bountiful produce I set about unpacking my stockpile.Heirloom Portuguese tomatoes.An enormous bunch of coriander,onions,a kilo of new seasons garlic which I am going to pickle this afternoon.Tomorrows breakfast for the guests will include nectarines and peaches.I also picked up some walnuts and baby new potatoes for including in up and coming salads.All in all plenty to keep me occupied for the next few days....Don´t push me May.


  1. I have just come back from a holiday in Portugal - mainly Alentejo - and I am deeply sad I couldn't take the contents of the market hall home with me: the tomatoes, the broad beans, the fresh peas, the greens.... Vegetables here in Germany are generally predictable...


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