Dias medievais 2015- braceletes na alvorada

I hear you yawning.Here in Castro Marim its festival time again.This year the festival is bigger and larger than ever-5 days.This year has seen a lot of resentment and hostility (bracelets at dawn),myself included, about this years impositions.Castro Marim is an unnoticed town at the "east end" of the Algarve where we meet with Spain.We are all working at a cidade European.There is a lot on offer to be enjoyed here.This year an entrance charge of €2  has been introduced,which I personally do not agree with, but as a tax paying resident understand.The festival has a proven financial success  which shows that serious revenue can be achieved from vast attending numbers.For residents,for sure, the  run up has been an upheaval and sacrifices have had to be made. Five days of entertaining guests is a lot of hard work and financial investment, but hey guys this is the last big Algarvian festival of the summer and then we have to all go back to "School", adults and children alike in our own ways.This festival profers some  of the best Portuguese street food and a medieval banquete every night in the Castelo.Variety of choice and and value for money. Give this festival a chance.We cant promise a star line up but how much would you pay for "Rock in Rio" for instance without the ambiance  a small historic medieval town strives to provide.Lets all work together, me and you, to accept the barriers that have been put up and despite our misgivings pay our entrance fees with grace and party on.The weather could not be better, so lets do it.Lets make it work.Follow the daily medieval menu on here.


  1. I am from Australia and attended this years event in your amazing town ! It was well worth the entrance fee, in fact it should have been more, the value for money is beyond anything I have seen in many other places around the world. It has the potential to become a world event with a reach from around the globe, I am planning to bring people from Australia for your next years event.

  2. Thank you for your kind words.I am so pleased you enjoyed it.Do please contact us if you come again and require accomodation in the centre of the town.We have our own website http://www.casarosada-algarve.com/ We are also on airbnb.com.


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