Apresentãçao carta -Cha com agua salgada

                                                    (de cima para baixo)     PHOTO JORGE RAIADO

Cheesecake de queijo da ilha de S.Jorge com coulis de pimentos e composto por rucula 
 Folhada de mousse de cavala com betteraba marinada
Tiberna de muxama de atum com laranja e coentros frescos

 Once again this week it was time for Chá Com Àgua Salgada`s menu presentation and the chance for another lovely memorable evening with friends, colleagues and business associates.How quickly this yearly event comes around. Doesn´t time fly when you are enjoying yourself,its always the case.The evening flew by with delicious and inventive  dishes chef Marco created for us from the new menu.The evening even produced a culinary  witticism, "tanned" scallops.Tanned must be the new seared for 2016.So be you the first to know it.Perhaps our dinner plates will soon be sporting tanned food with black accessories.No seriously, to retire from a bout on the beach and partake of a tanned scallop for lunch is just so appropriate.
I had several favourites from the nine course degustation, but  I am not going to give too much away.More on the story of how one can create a new take on watermelon later.Thank you from all of us  to Paolo, Sandra and of course Marco and his team

A nova carta Disponivel a partir de 21maio de 2016
The new menu will be available from 21st may


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