Vanilla cream terrine with fruit coulis

I'm not really a dessert kind of guy,never have been, but put a bowl of crinkle cut crisps or wasabi peanuts in front of me, however, and I'll have my nose in there like a snout in a trough. I needed a replacement dessert to fill the gap left in the menu plan for a client who hadrejected baba au rhum as the choice of pudding.I dipped into my Delia (why do we always forget Delia).She is so reliable, not always in her method, but in that hour of need when one needs a simple solution she's always there for you.This recipe is a classic Delia "Vanilla cream terrine with raspberries and blackcurrant coulis" I have made it many times before and it has never failed me. I thought I better give it another practice run.It looks like a block of tofu.Tofu's a difficult thing to love but this amazing dessert is so far removed from a soft block of coagulated soya milk that it will take you to heaven and send vegans running.
It´s basically just a big block of cream with some berries drizzled over it.  The base is double cream, Greek yogurt, vanilla and gelatine to set it. Pretty much like a panna cotta panoply.The topping is a blueberry or blackcurrant coulis, with raspberries and mint leaves  This delicious hoover-able dessert consists of an entire carton of double cream, and most of a tub of Greek yogurt, and a whole load of sugar, and thats just for the basic six person serving.I am feeding 20 so I think tub will turn into bucket and carton will turn into jumbo tetra pack.There´s fun, and a shelf of the freezer given up overnight.

Just as a foot note it was a resounding success


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